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Direct Cremation Is Now The Hottest New Trend!

Are You Looking For Way To Memorialize The Life Of  Your Loved One, That Won’t Break The Bank?

Direct Cremation is quickly becoming the hottest trend in funeral / cremation services.

This affordable option allows families to pay tribute to their loved ones without sacrificing quality or experience.

You can arrange timing before or after other memorial services, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on celebrating your loved one's life during this difficult time.

A direct cremation offers a more affordable solution while still providing the same compassion and respect that families expect.

With this service, there are no additional costs for embalming or other preparation of the body.

You can choose to have either a simple cremation with no visitation rights or a traditional viewing followed by cremation.

With direct cremation, not only will you save money but also feel comforted knowing that your family is honoring and respecting their memory properly.

Our compassionate support staff are dedicated to ensuring all of your needs are met with respect and care at every step of planning a funeral service; no matter what budget you may have.

A Better Place Funeral And Cremation Service provides direct cremations that can help families deal with the loss of a loved one.

We understand it can be difficult to plan every detail during this time, so our Direct Cremation service is designed to make things easier by providing expedited cremation from start to finish.

Our team will make sure the body is cared for in the most respectful way possible, and we will ensure everything runs smoothly and on-time for an immediate yet dignified farewell. 

Plus, without having to worry about purchasing an expensive casket or embalming beforehand, you can rest assured knowing your costs remain low throughout the process while also honoring your loved one's memory in meaningful ways.

Have You Lost A Loved One And Need Help With The Important Paperwork?

The loss of a loved one is heartbreaking and can be an overwhelmingly emotional experience.

During this difficult time, having to handle paperwork can feel like yet another burden on top of your grief.

One such paperwork task you may need to take care of is securing a direct cremation for your loved one's remains.

While it seems daunting at first, preparing the necessary documents for arranging a direct cremation doesn't have to be overwhelming if you understand the steps involved and what information must be provided up front.

In this blog post, we'll explain exactly what paperwork is needed for direct cremation so that you can make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during these trying times.

First of all, you'll need to complete the proper death certificate paperwork.

This form needs to be filed with your local government office in order for a direct cremation to legally occur.

The document should include information such as the date and time of death, cause of death, location where the deceased's body was found or passed away, and other pertinent details.

Once this form has been completed, it must be signed off by a doctor or medical professional in order to be accepted by the government office.

In addition to the death certificate paperwork, you'll also need to complete paperwork which authorizes a direct cremation.

This type of document specifies that you are choosing to have your loved one's remains cremated rather than buried.

It should include information such as the name and address of the funeral home or crematorium where the direct cremation will take place, as well as a list of any special requests that you may have for the service itself (e.g., type of casket, music to be played during the cremation, etc.).

This form must also be signed off by a doctor or medical professional in order for it to be accepted and the direct cremation to move forward.

Finally, you'll need to provide proof of identity before a direct cremation can take place.

This can include a copy of the deceased's driver's license or other government-issued identification.

If the deceased did not have any form of ID, then you'll need to provide other types of proof such as a birth certificate or social security card.

Once all paperwork has been submitted and accepted, you can begin making arrangements for the direct cremation service.

This includes selecting an appropriate memorialization option (e.g., urn, plaque, etc.), determining the date and time for the service, picking a location for the cremation to take place, and any other additional details that you wish to include in honor of your loved one's memory. 

Are You Looking For An Affordable Cremation Service?

At A Better Place Funeral and Cremation Service, we understand the stress caused when a loved one passes away.

It’s why we offer a simpler and more affordable cremation service that is tailored to be respectful of your budget.

We will help you through every step of the process from start to finish – from removing your loved one to helping you fill out all the required paperwork.

And if you compare our prices with other funeral homes in your area, you’ll be amazed at how much money can save by going with us.

So, let us ease this burden together – with both compassion and affordability in mind – so that during this tough time support is available without breaking the bank.

Contact us immediately following the death of your loved one - no preplanning necessary! Get an immediate price quote today! PRICES

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