Low-Cost Cremation And Funeral Home Services 

We Provide Cremation Services For Parker, With Integrity And Compassion!

A Better Place Funeral & Cremation Services strives to make every farewell a unique & meaningful experience. You can choose from a variety of services and plans to memorialize a life through scattering of cremated remains. 

We Serve Each Family Without High, Unnecessary Costs 

We have created our pricing in a manner we feel suits everyone’s needs. Our main goal is to assist families in creating a meaningful tribute to their loved ones. Our funeral home is unique in a few ways. One, we are not a traditional funeral home. 

All our arrangement conferences will be held in our office or the family’s home or a place they feel most comfortable. All our selections are completed through photos and catalogs in lieu of large, intimidating selection rooms. By doing business in this manner, we can save families hundreds and many times, thousands of dollars. 

Average Cost Of Cremation & Funeral Services

When it comes to a traditional funeral service, the add-ons, such as visitations, viewings, and wakes can drive costs up to anywhere from $7,000 to $28,000, including burial, cemetery plot and a grave headstone!

In contrast, cremation — disposing of a person’s remains by burning them into ashes —is a relatively affordable option. The average cremation costs start at around $1,400.00 to $2,000.00, which is a lot lower than a traditional funeral.

With a cremation you can skip many of the costly features of a traditional funeral, such as transporting the body from the funeral home or chapel to the cemetery and embalming, hairdressing, and cosmetology, you can save, a lot of money.

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