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Celebrations of Life

23 Tips For Having An Celebration Of Life Memorial Service

A Better Place Funeral & Cremation Service offers our tips to ensure that you and your family have a beautiful and meaningful celebration of life.

 These tips will provide suggestions that covers topics such as how to organize guests at the gathering, which decorations are most fitting for this type of event, what sort of food should be served, options for music to commemorate your loved one’s life, and even ideas on how to involve children in their own way during the ceremony.

1. Choose The Perfect Venue – Select a location that resonates with your loved one's memory and their interests, whether it's a garden, a beach, a park, or a favorite restaurant.

2. Pick The Date Wisely – Pick a date that is significant to your loved one or one that is convenient for all guests to attend.

3. Be Sure To Send Invitations – to guests via email, traditional mail, or social media platforms.

4. Plan The Order Of Service – The Order of Service should reflect your loved one's personality, religion, and beliefs. You can incorporate song, poems, or readings that meant something to them.

5. Personalize Your Loved One's Memorial – Use photographs, videos, or mementos to showcase their life highlights and passion.

6. Consider A Theme – Choose a theme that reflects your loved one's interests or what they were passionate about.

7. Hire Professionals – You may want to hire a professional planner, photographer, caterer, or DJ to reduce your burden and stress.

8. Organize The Logistics – Plan for transportation, parking, seating, and climate control.

9. Make Arrangements For Refreshments – Food and beverages help create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for the guests.

10. Have A Guest Book – A guest book allows guests to share thoughts and offer condolences.

11. Incorporate Family And Friends – Invite close relatives and friends to share stories and memories of your loved one to make the service more personal.

12. Consider A Slideshow – A slideshow can include pictures, music, or videos and allows guests to honor and remember their life.

13. Prepare A Eulogy – A eulogy provides remembrance and honor for your loved one and is an excellent platform for sharing their life achievements with those who knew them best.

14. Arrange For Flowers And Other Decorations – Flowers and other decorations help create a beautiful and calming atmosphere that resonates with your loved one's memory.

15. Provide Tokens Of Remembrance – Offer guests a remembrance token like a candle, a book, or personalized note card as a thoughtful reminder of your loved one.

16. Consider Live Streaming – Live streaming the event may be a way for those who cannot attend physically to join in the celebration too.

17. Have A Contingency Plan – Weather, power outages, or other unexpected events may disrupt the service. Have a backup plan to mitigate these risks.

18. Establish A Theme: Consider creating a theme for the memorial service that reflects the personality, passions, or interests of the deceased. This will help bring people together in celebration and fondly remember their loved one.

19. Incorporate Personal Items: Incorporating personal items into the ceremony such as photographs, songs, poems, or art pieces can help make it more meaningful.

20. Invite Speakers: Ask loved ones, friends, or clergy members to deliver eulogies during the ceremony. This can be a great way to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the person who has passed away.

21. Design A Memory Table: Set up a table at the memorial service where attendees can place special mementos such as photographs, letters, cards, or other personal items in memory of the deceased.

22. Encourage Sharing Memories And Stories: Consider having a time during the service for family and friends to share stories and memories of the person who has passed.

23. Allow For Closure: When the memorial service is over, invite attendees to take any mementos from the memory table as a reminder of their loved one. This can help provide closure for them in their grieving process. 


Remember, the Celebration of Life Memorial Service is a chance to honor and cherish the memory of the person who has passed away. 

Planning such an event can be emotional and challenging, but with our tips, we hope to make it easier for you. 

We understand that no two memorial services are alike, but the essence of a genuine Celebration of Life rests on the shared memories, love, and support of close friends and family. 

Focus on making it personal, heartfelt, and a tribute to a life well-lived. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. If you need support along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We Are Here For You.

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